Thursday, December 13, 2007

Inspiration: Stairs

This really isn't the appropriate time during the building process to be looking at finishing details. But since we're basically just waiting to hear back from the excavators we contacted to bid on our project and we won't know until February if the town will approve our build for the summer of 2008, we have time on our hands. Thus, we're researching. In our family, this translates into me spending most of my evenings Googling products, reading blogs, searching the forums on and then running my findings by Ryan. These are some of the various products we've really fallen in love with.

Stairs: Metal Railing

We really want to use a cable, metal mesh or even heavy duty plastic stair rail/panel that would extend along the length of the balcony. Here are some examples of things we like.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our site

We finally found some time to photograph our building site. Our house would be built directly in the space in the forefront of this photo, facing the road (Butternut Road).

Here's a shot of Butternut Road. Our house would be to the left.

This would be our view to the can barely make out Ryan's parents' house nestled among the trees in the back corner.