Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Upstairs pics

Hello everyone! Sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately! We've had our hands full these past few months :) I promised to post some photos of our second floor so here they are!

We love our guest bedroom because it has amazing views of the surrounding countryside, especially to the east. It's essentially three stories up! Too bad we haven't put shades in the windows yet and the morning sunlight awakens our guests very, very early. They've all been accommodating, though, and are too nice to tell us they don't appreciate waking up at 6:00am. I hope opening their eyes to lovely views appeases them. And we really are going to put shades up soon!

Speaking of other things on our "to do" list...install the medicine cabinet /mirror above the sink. Another annoyance our guests have to endure...sitting on the floor to look in the mirror (which is currently propped up on the floor of the nursery) to do their hair/apply makeup. Again, our apologies. We're getting there.

And on to the most important room in the house...Milo's nursery! Granted, he hasn't spent much time there lately because he's still sleeping with us downstairs. But we venture upstairs at least once a day to talk to the monkeys on his mobile above the changing table and do "tummy time" in his crib. I choose to believe he likes his room a lot (although he squints almost every time we enter it because the eastern and southern light is so bright...another room that needs shades). I've been thinking about buying a vinyl graphic to put on the wall above his crib since the expanse of drywall is so vast. If I do, I'll post some pics.

The style is a little mid-century modern, a bit traditional, and a tad home-made loveliness (Sara's quilt draped over the crib...can you believe she made that? Milo has a talented aunt).

And since we're sharing pictures of his nursery, I thought I'd post some new ones of the man himself--little Milo James. He'll be 3 months next week. It's incredible how quickly time passes...