Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farmhouse table purchased!

So Ryan and I had a very productive day today. We stopped by Five Corners Antiques in Essex Junction...and lucked out. Sitting in the middle of the room when we walked up the stairs was a perfect farmhouse table (7 ft.) with mismatched chairs. We loved its rustic feel. And the juxtaposition of the primitive nature of this piece and our modern kitchen should be great. This is a wonderful store with a fantastic selection of antiques. David, the owner, was kind and gracious, even helping us arrange and re-arrange the chairs until we found the right level of mis-matchedness. We could not have been more pleased with the selection or the service.

Here is a recent article in the Free Press written about David and his shop.

I'll also make a plug for buying used furniture as way of going green. Any day a tree remains standing in the forest instead of being cut to make new furniture is a good day.

Here are some pictures of our beauty from the shop (compliments of David--thanks again!)