Saturday, November 22, 2008


So Ryan and I made two purchases this weekend: industrial-looking stools for the kitchen island and a vessel sink for the master bathroom. The sink will sit atop a fantastic old cupboard that we found at a local antique shop a few weekends ago. The combination of the modern sink and the rustic base should be fab. And you won't believe where we purchased both the sink and the bar stools...COSTCO. The online prices are unbelievable and shipping is included.

Costco garage stool: $49.99

Costco square vessel sink: $89.99 (pop-up drain included!)

We also bid on Ebay for a wall-mounted faucet for the vessel sink that looks like this:

Here's the base for the vessel sink.

Lily, our yellow lab, had to check it out...

And then she posed with it...

And then her brother Gus wanted in on the action...

I guess it's about time the other half of our family made their appearance on the blog!