Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kohler's Archer tub

The highest form of flattery is imitation, right? Let's hope Chad over at 100k house is flattered and not annoyed that I macked his idea for bathtubs. He posted awhile ago about Kohler's rectangular Archer tub. The lines strike me as quite modern. It's probably the squared corners instead of the typical rounded edges. Anyway, had it not been for reading his blog, I would never have heard of the Archer series. Our Home Depot certainly doesn't carry it in stock and I would not have known to look for it in their special order catalog. But thanks to Chad I did and we ordered two of them last weekend for a decent price of $360 each. The drains were an additional $70 each. They were delivered to the Home Depot a week later and Ryan and I picked them up yesterday. We drive a Toyota Matrix whose backseat storage area (when the middle seat is folded down) is approximately 40"x60". The tub, in its box, was 35"x60". We were able to put it in and tie the back hatch down about one-third of the way...and then drive very carefully over to our storage unit (luckily less than a mile from Home Depot). We did this twice. I had horrible images running through my head of the tub sliding out the back and crashing into a million pieces on the pavement. But we (and the tubs) survived. It was an exhausting and nerve-wracking afternoon that saved us the $65 delivery charge! Totally worth it.