Sunday, May 17, 2009

Building green in Fairhope

I was really excited to hear that green building is taking off in my hometown of Fairhope, Alabama! [Yes, I'm originally from Alabama. People are always surprised by that primarily because I don't have a southern accent. For those of you who haven't heard my voice, perhaps it's not as shocking. But there it is. I am a G.R.I.T. (girl raised in the south).]

My parents (who know I'm a sucker for green building info.) went to check out this new green home last weekend.

I'm headed down to visit them in June and want to contact the builder to see if I can arrange for a tour so I can get the scoop on all its green features. Here's the info. I was able to find on the web.

"The Fairhope Green Home Project is the first house in the state to receive Gold Certification from the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program which requires standards for water conservation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and the use of sustainable and recycled materials. Due to all the energy efficient techniques used in the home, the power bill is expected to average only a bit over $70 a month."

Green checklist:

Recycled Materials
Environmentally Friendly Sheathing
Geothermal Heat Pump
Icynene Foam Insulation
Reducing Building Waste
Green Landscaping
Water Conservation
Eco-Friendly Furnishings

This website has a lot more information about the details of those features. There's a short video available from the local tv station too that includes more interior shots. And here's the full listing with the floor plans.

I am so excited that Fairhope is getting in on the green movement. Go Bama!