Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More siding progress

The guys have been working like crazy to get the siding finished and it's looking great. Ryan and I are spending our weekends at the house painting walls and staining the tongue and groove porch ceiling (pictures to follow in a later post) and the stair treads. We are running very low on money even though we promised ourselves we wouldn't be like every other construction project we've heard of and go over budget. I don't know how it always happens but we are one of the sad statistics. To help cut costs, we're trying to pick up as much work ourselves as possible and our personal hero, my dad, drove all the way up from Alabama to help the guys finish the siding. Amazing. I think, as someone who has always loved working with wood, he is enjoying himself although the cold is a bit much for a southerner. Every time I talk to him during the day, his teeth are chattering. I don't have the heart to tell him that it's only going to get worse...much worse.

So here are some progress pics. Enjoy!

Some close-ups of the brackets.

Here is the product of Ryan's hard work...our newly stained maple stair treads. The wood leaning up against the stack of stair treads is a piece of our maple floor. I think they match pretty well!

And here's my dad!