Sunday, April 24, 2011

Backyard fun

What, you say? Two blog posts in one day? The world has gone mad.

I just couldn't help myself! I wanted to share some pictures of the fun we had this afternoon working on our yard. We figure we've lived here over a's about time we give as much lovin' to the outside of our house as we have to the inside. Plus, our little apple trees are getting lonely.

So first up, we transplanted some young maples from the woods around Ryan's parents' house to our yard. We then put together our new composter and deposited the inaugural batch of kitchen scraps (plus some leaves). Very exciting! If you are local, the Chittenden Solid Waste District offers a cool incentive to compost...a reduced price compost bin. For the mere price of $48.50, you can have your very own SoilSaver bin! They retail for $74.45 on Amazon so it's a decent savings. CSWD also offers free plans so you can build your own composting bin.

I love that our local solid waste district encourages composting. According to the CSWD website, food scraps make up one-third of people's trash so it really can help reduce waste. (Stepping off soap box now...)

Here are some pics. of our backyard adventures today. Milo was a real help...or something like that. He made the day at lot more humorous than it would have been otherwise. My favorite Milo moment? Him trying to crawl into the hole Ryan just dug for one of the maples. Too funny. He had a blast. The sign of a good day for Milo? Two baths. One to get all the mud and dirt off of him and the second because we had to drain the first tub because the water was brown. Today was definitely a two-bath kind of day.