Saturday, June 25, 2011

Progress on the coop...

We (and by we, I mean Ryan) are making progress on the coop...which is a good thing because the chickens are getting huge!! We've been letting them spend more and more time outside (in one of the dog's old pens) which they seem to love. A bumblebee buzzed around the pen the other day and by their excited shrieking and carrying on, you would have thought they were 13-year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert. I can't wait for them to catch their first bug. Milo is also greatly enjoying all of the time we have been spending outside lately. He dotes on the chickens and sticks his chubby little hands through the bars of the pen to feed them grass and clover. Why they are jazzed to take it from him when they have the exact same grass inside the pen is beyond me. Guess the adoration is mutual! Notice Ryan's shirt in the last photo--this was taken on Father's Day and Milo's daycare made all the dads cute tees.

P.S. Hardware cloth sucks. If/when you're working with it, wear gloves. Thick gloves.