Sunday, August 23, 2009

More progress

I stopped by the site to check on the guys earlier this week and they were hard at work finishing up the foundation. They also installed the first floor decking this weekend in preparation for the delivery of our panelized walls next week. Here is the magic behind the project: Speciality Design, Bill's construction firm.

And Billy hard at work.

Here's the rest of the crew: Scott (left) and Tony (right). They're both great guys and we're super happy they're working on our project.

Ryan and I got our hands dirty for the first time this weekend helping to level the gravel in the basement. Lucky for us that Sean, Ryan's brother, was willing to lend a hand, too. Ryan and I are now dead tired, nursing blistered hands and sore shoulders. But it's somehow really satisfying to feel like we actually did something to move the house forward (a very, very small something). Ryan was particularly happy to be working in his drum studio! The walk-out portion of the basement is going to be his music-making paradise.