Thursday, January 21, 2010

Master bedroom and bath

Here are some more interior shots! We tried to bring the same feel to our master bedroom and bath that we did to the living/dining/cooking areas...clean lines (lots o' white), rustic elements, and modern touches. Oh, and splashes of metal. We like our new bed a lot--great find on craigslist. It's a bit high so the dogs tend to put their noses on the edge and whine instead of jumping right on up like with our old bed. But I think their more limited access to our sleeping area isn't a bad thing. Also, speaking of dogs, our master is on the first floor because of them. After reading "Marley and Me," I decided I didn't want our pups to have to venture up/down the stairs to be with us. They struggle as it is just getting down to the basement in one piece. If our bedroom (where they have always slept) was two floors up, I think they'd eventually break something. They're not particularly well coordinated or constructed...labs really aren't known for their stellar joints. So a first-floor master became a must in our design scheme.

Also, I have to point out our uber nifty apple-crates-turned-bedside-stands. The same day I saw a picture of something similar on (I think that's where I saw it), I found two old boxes from a Vermont apple orchard in someone's front yard with a "free" sign attached to them. It was fate. I'm still debating whether they need something in them or if bare is best. Thoughts?