Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're in!

So yes, the rumor is true....we are moved in. Our Christmas present this year was a new house. We literally moved in Christmas eve (okay, so Ryan and his entire family moved us in--I sat in the living room shouting directions about where to place things. There are some definite bonuses to being preggo!) I feel guilty for having been here for two weeks without taking pictures and posting them but here is my litany of what I consider to be rather reasonable and understandable no particular order:

1. I'm pregnant and tend to fall asleep at random times during the day and always before 9pm in the evenings. Late evening was my blogging witching hour before the aforementioned my new need for slumber has definitely impinged upon blog time.

2. We did not have internet access at the house until yesterday. (See? That's a really good excuse.)

3. Not all aspects of the house are finished and I don't want to capture them for posterity until they are looking their best.

4. I'm pregnant.

Okay, so maybe I'm overplaying the pregnancy card a bit. But it's true. We've spent so much time getting moved in and situating things that I really haven't found the time or energy to photograph them. But some rooms are nearing completion and I promise to take pictures of them soon! A new post....with the end of the weekend. That's my goal.

What I will say now is that...we love the house, it's incredibly tight and efficient, the light bouncing off the all-white kitchen and living room in the mornings makes me smile, radiant heat is an amazingly luxurious indulgence of which I will never tire, the dogs have already destroyed our gorgeous maple floors (had to throw in a bad to balance the good), I love subway tile, a chalkboard wall is an excellent way to keep track of Scrabble scores, I have a crush on our black Paperstone countertops, the sound of our industrial ceiling fans reminds me of jet fighters taking off, having three floors is exhilarating but exhausting, and we love living in the country and talking long walks in the snowy woods.

Two other quick funny stories about the house...

Now that Ryan has his own drum studio in the basement, I've found that he cannot descend downstairs for any reason without getting distracted by the presence of his drums and playing them for anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours. Every time I consider asking him to run down there for something (e.g. to change over the laundry or track down a screwdriver), I have to factor in the possibility that the task will take all afternoon. But the sound of him playing (which is not too loud on the first floor, I must say) brings me great joy. It's always a happy time when his two great loves--his family and his drums--occupy the same space.

Lily and Gus (pups) are not allowed upstairs because a) that's where the nursery is and b) I'd like to preserve at least some of the floors in their original state. But Lily managed to evade the clever cardboard blocker I erected the other day and scamper up to the second floor. So I hoofed it up the stairs and proceeded to look for her. Now mind you, the second floor is approximately 650 square feet so the search should not have been difficult. But she was nowhere to be found. I finally noticed that the bathroom door was shut, opened it, and found her stuck in the bathtub looking very concerned. It's a deep tub and I guess she couldn't figure out how to get traction to jump out after she jumped in. I still don't know how she shut the door behind herself in the first place. Guess she wanted some privacy. Anyway, it was a very funny moment...wish I had thought to take a picture.

Speaking of pictures...some will be coming soon. Seriously!