Monday, June 1, 2009

Clearing up confusion...

So I wanted to clear up some confusion that arose from a newspaper article this weekend. The Free Press published a piece on Sunday about the South Farm Homes development. We happened to be at the open house at the same time as the reporter and enjoyed talking with him. But he misunderstood a comment I made and misquoted me in the paper. I addressed this in the comments section of my last post so I'll just paste that comment here:

A reporter from the Burlington Free Press was on site when we toured the South Farm Homes development this weekend. We had a lovely conversation with him but he, unfortunately, misquoted me in an article he wrote in this Sunday's paper (to which, I assume, Ellis Wyatt--a commenter--is referring). In talking with the reporter, I explained that Ryan and I are trying to prove that you can build green on a budget--we are estimating that construction costs for our house will total $200,000-$225,000 (excluding land). I was NOT referring to the South Farm Homes development as being affordable. While the houses are beautiful and incredibly green, they are not in our price range. The houses have both solar hot water and PVs...and geothermal. Those renewables alone put them in another price bracket. So please know that I was misquoted in the article--I do not consider South Farm Homes to be an affordable green development...although I respect anyone building green, regardless of price point. Homes across the cost spectrum need to be built green. The purpose behing OUR project is to illustrate that it is possible to build green on a budget. So I hope that addresses your concerns, Ellis. I want to clear up any confusion about the BFP article. Thanks.

I'll be posting pictures soon of the open house--the development really is beautiful and while not in our price range, a great example of green building.